mlb 09/15/08 4:48 PM EST Jonathan Mayo is a senior reporter for]]> Don't believe me? Check out the site at The Draft, held each February, is extremely Minor League and, at times, Draft-heavy. Case in point: The No. 1 pick in the 2007 Draft was Vanderbilt junior David Price. The rule in the league is that a player has to make it up to the big leagues in three years or you lose his rights, so I felt this was an extremely risky pick.

Shows you what I know. It might be seen -- at least by those in similar sim leagues or keeper leagues -- as one of the biggest September callups in recent memory. Thanks to Triple-A Durham losing in the International League championship, the Rays were free to bring their prized lefty up to help out in the playoff push.

"When I popped on, I saw the article about 'Top prospect Price joins Rays,'" said Steve Cutler, the MWBL owner who drafted Price so recently. "I yelled and pumped my fist in the air [how sad is that]. My wife came running to my office thinking something was wrong. When I told her what it was, she looked at me with that 'get a life' look."

In many leagues, just getting called up is enough. In the MWBL, though, there has to be some actual game action. Not that Cutler had to worry. He had through the 2009 season before he'd lose the southpaw. Needless to say, Price was way ahead of schedule, much to the delight of fantasy owners everywhere.

"I came down to Earth and thought, 'Well, lets get him in a game first before I really dance,'" Cutler said about the callup. "Then Sunday came. ... I went to the MLB site and pulled up Gameday to watch the Cubs game that way. So here I am about to click Gameday, when on the right pane, I see something that freezes me: 'Rays top prospect Price looks right in debut.' I jump up and start yelling with my wife shaking her head and laughing at me, calling me 'one sad case.'"

Indeed there was rejoicing throughout fantasyland Sunday when Price came in against the Yankees as a reliever and threw 5 1/3 effective relief innings, allowing two runs on three hits while striking out four and walking none. I'm willing to bet, with many leagues having Monday transaction days, that owners in leagues of every shape and size were putting claims in for Price.

Just what can we expect from him the rest of the way? For someone like Cutler, that doesn't really matter. Now with big league time, Price won't clog up one of the MWBL's priceless slots for Minor Leaguers. Keeper-leaguers may not care, either, knowing that long-term contribution may come as soon as the beginning of next season.

For now, everyone should have Sept. 23 circled on the calendar. That's when Price is tentatively scheduled to pitch in a doubleheader in Baltimore (it's a Tuesday, just so you know). Beyond that, he'll work out of the 'pen, and if his debut is any indication, he's got plenty left in the tank.

He had a small elbow issue early this year, and that may have turned out to be a blessing. He didn't make his debut until late May, and thus came to Tampa with just under 110 innings under his belt. Triple-A was a little rougher on him, though he pitched relatively well in the playoffs.

There are some bumps to be expected, but in the short time he'll be in the bigs now, that might not happen. So it might not be Joba Chamberlin-like in terms of the amount of innings he throws, but if you figure he's got that start and maybe a couple more relief outings coming, he might be able to get close to about 20 innings under his belt. Those of you in close races can't afford not to add him to your staff and hope he can help close the gap, especially those of you in strikeout leagues.

As for the rest of you, in keeper and simulation leagues, who have Price now: Keep on jumping with joy. And don't worry about what others in your family might say.]]>